Loving You

I only know of two things that are right

You loving me and me loving you

Let us be lovers at first sight

Don’t be a fake and free what's true

Loving me is what keeps me alive

You shouldn't start with a crime

So try to let me safely drive

In every thought, all the time

You know what is right for me

You can make my dreams fulfill

I want you to be my heart’s ignition key

Let the love be now and ever, not until

Loving you, it is my life

Nothing more and nothing less

Let there be forever no strife

Let us be, let us progress

You should know that I love you

And I will no matter what

I told you even you knew

To the past the gate is shut

Now I’m afraid about the future

Afraid you might not be there

I want you to be my suture

To be with me anywhere

How can I again be strong?

How to live, not stay behind

When every breathe of air is wrong

I keep staring even though I' m blind

Hoping to see an angel on earth

Hoping you to be the one

I want you in my rebirth

Life for us has just begun

I want you my angel to be

I want you in every moment

I want you in heaven with me

I want you in everything recent

Without you I couldn't live

I could only fake I'm trying

i can't think that God I’d forgive

I could only live by crying

Life would only be a mince

Must be a way to fake reality

Knowing I can't be your prince

That would mean fatality

Love me now, love me forever

Let me live and let me teach you

Treason for me means just never

Let me stick up just like glue

I could never leave you whatever

Just say yes and let me love

Love me whenever and wherever

Let me be your only blue rose

You shall see that I don’t fade

You shall see how much I care

Let me be always your shade

And you’ll see for sure what’s rare

Cause like me I know that’s nothing

I’m unique and just like you

Let me be for you the one

I know that like you are few

Let it happen, don’t resist

Let me love you, let me be

I will break for sure the mist

But without you I’m not me

I need you to make me see

I need you for me to know

That God has mercy on me

I need you to say Hello!

When we speak I simply tremble

I am nervous and feel silly

All I want is to assamble

Everything about us to be really

I can’t forget, simply don’t want to

That each day I see you is brighter

And forever the sky will be blue

Remember I am a writer

I can make a perfect world

I can make the sun to shine

I can make your hair be curled

In my world everything is mine

Now I want my world to be yours

I want you to be happy truly

I want you to see my chores

I want you to see me fully

I want to be yours completely

I want you to be my luck

I want you to see me sweetly

You to see I’m not a schmuck

You can make my world a heaven

I can be an angel if you don’t taunt

You can make me forget a seven

I can be all that you want

Allow me to know you better

Let me see deep in your soul

You can be much more sweater

Just give back what you stole

You stole my heart, you stole all

Now I’m lonely, now I’m dying

If I can’t love I keep getting small

Till my last shout will be a crying

If you give me back my heart

I do promise that I’ll share

You can have it if you want

Just you ask me, not to swear

I would gladly give it longer

Because I know that with you

It will get much more stronger

I’ll get it back just brand new

As an ending what to say

I love you more than air

I love you more than they

Keep in mind: We are a pair!

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