Bloody Day (Song)

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I am hanging out in the bloody rain…
Thinking that after will be a bloody day..
Only crimes and violence can make the people sadly;
But sometimes, makes me happy.

Bloody Day,
Scarring my face,
Crying Day,
Cursing your soul.

I will end your dreams
With my simple nightmares,
Walking through the wings
Blaming you with my curses!

Stop fighting people, listen to me
This is not the “good” way..
Take a part at my side…
And listen what I say…

Can't you see?
Look at me,
This is our day.....
Cursing my mind,
Taking behind...

4 Comentarii

  • Avatar of LittleSaigede LittleSaige

    Dupa melodia: Saige - Bloody Day..
    mai compun si eu :)

  • Avatar of Ioana_Bondarencude Ioana_Bondarencu

    Am ascultat melodia... frumoasa... si poezia,dar totusi ar trebui saa compui tu nu sa iei o parte dintr-un cantec

  • Avatar of LittleSaigede LittleSaige

    pote te referi la bada bing bada boom xD
    asta 100% e a mea

  • Avatar of fenixonude fenixonu

    llisten to me!!!

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