Past into her

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a single time into your past
u dealed in lies,u took u'Re Rest
a single time in u'Re oWn life
u did a trouble,u made a crime
a single time u had no words
the way u spoke-u're tongue hurts.
because of time,because of season
u changed inside without a reason
u cried u're days and laughed u're nights
u felt no love no pain no rights.
u were in loss,u were in grief
so much injuries with perfect notes
u were likee those without no thoughts
so much harm knitted in myth.
they saw u'Re face,without u'Re soul
they were so sure,u should be blessed
u stoped and stared,u needed more
than just a sight with no regrets.
u could be strong to win this play
but u felt wrong in a wrong way
u smiled in tears and passed "goodbye"
gave up for you,and lost u'Re try.
that time was young and u were too
that life was hard and u were smooth
u changed u're mind and became wise
u made u're choise,u won u're price.

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