Dead soul

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Filled with mistery
An angel face is smiling now and then
And often disappears
Leaving my soul in pain.

There was a time when I was laughing
When the sun was smiling only for me
When of a flower I was quite enjoying…
Now, you’re the only one I see.

I feel your every hardly breathe
I feel you even when you cry.
My heart…a thing it wants:your face
But you can’t see it, though I try.

I’m getting close to you
To see the hope that’s in my eyes,
I whisper that I really miss you
But you just smile,don’t realize.

Oh!How I wish I’ve never seen you
That you’ve never won my heart
But now it’s late,cause I just lost you
And now my dream remains a part.

My soul swims in the dark of night
A star makes me believe it’s day ,
Outside I hear quite loud your steps,
To come to me I pray.

If you sometimes will think of me
And of the love which now it’s red
You must remember what I say:
I had a soul…cause now it’s dead.

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