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Don’t ask me why,don’t ask me since when…Don’t ask me till when…
My feelings don’t have a reason,don’t have a start or an end either…
How do I know? You see , because my days are serene even though it rains,because when I’m sad
make me smile,because when I see you,my heart beats really fast..
Do you still wonder why?
You could question the fact that the stars are fire,that the sun moves on the sky!
You could even think that the real truth is a lie!
But never doubt of my love…
How could I don’t love you,if around you I feel better,happyer,confident?
You are with me when I need you,you know what to say when I’m sorrow…
To give all,to sacrifice all without a hope of reward,this is love…and I give you my all….

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  • de Ingerash

    M-a impresionat..m-am regasit in versurile astea,multumesc! Bravo!

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