Dark Angel

I'd give my life, no lie
To spend some time with you,
And after that I'd die...
You wouldn't cry.. I'd do!

Come from another world
You don't have feelings...
Dreamless and cold,
Poisoning my evenings!

I tried to wake you up,
To make you feel the same
But... damn! I've neither luck!
Nor even someone I could blame...

Bright eyes, mysterious look,
I couldn't bring you alive...
My mind away you took!
Now suicide must thrive...

Death is the only savior,
Hell is the only way!
You'll feel blood's flavor,
No matter what they say...

Don't cry, don't shout!
It's just too late...
There's no way back or out,
Believe me, I am dead...!

When night comes try to pray:
Ask God to keep away the danger,
To turn the darkness into day
And kill me - your Dark Angel...

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  • de Love-Anonim

    and so is our life with good angels and bad angels

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