Alone in the darkness an isle appears,
Shadows vanish as I begin to walk,
The long white dress follows with red petals on it,
My love says his vows and digs his nails into my back,
The dress turns red,
The petals drip and melt,
I fall into darkness once more,
3 girls are by my side,
The blood dress is gone and a black dress appears,
The girls are my allies,
Sun, Star, And Rose rest around their necks,
A moon around mine,
As we fight an unknown foe,
I fall once more,
I land on top of a moon-lit lake,
I do not fall into the water,
I walk towards the light,
the moonlight brings me pain as cursed wings emerge from my back,
The pain is too much and I fall into the water,
Crying into darkness,
I sit up,
Moonlight on my face,
Soaking in sweat,
Sinking in sheets,
Close my eyes and fall into the darkness.

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