Dead music

You were going away...
I was watching you leave.

You left and I stayed.
I didn't fight.
Nor beg.
Nor cry.
I just felt numb and dead.

And then...
I wanted to run after your shadowy steps,
To catch the blue song in your voice
To steal the flicker in your eyes
And make it shine again.

And dance.
I wanted to dance with you again
Listening to that lost
Pulsating music of our lives.
And bring back the nights
When I would fall asleep in the castle of your arms.

I wanted to do something...
To stop you from leaving....
To save you from dying....
But I... I failed in all of that.
So you're gone...but I'm not.

We'll meet when I'm dreaming,
And fall apart when I wake screaming.

You'll no loner ask me to dance,
I'll no longer smile and say yes...

So you see..
No happy ending this time.
I'm sorry, my love.
The music has stopped,
The dance floor is gloomy and sad.

Now I am empty and dead...

I cried! I begged!
I fought with the pain...
But you left
...And I stayed... choke in this world
where our music......

is dead.

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  • Avatar of pisica_de_aleede pisica_de_alee

    multumesc din nou, chiar conteaza pentru mine sa stiu ce cred altii!

  • Avatar of karincikde karincik

    so emotive.... i like it :))))

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