I watched the same stars every night
And I hope to see that shine again
That brought my darkened knight
In my frozen arms.

In the desert of shadows I have been crawling
In the need to gain
The sight that I have been forbidden to have
With a cobweb mask and a riddled chain.

As the autumn leaves we are falling
Deeper into ourselves.
I have craved to see you again
And found myself instead.

The eyes mourn in the hunger
For the bitter taste of the blood
That had been promised to them,
As they fade out in new blackened sights.

The soft caressing of the time,
Slowly giving us bliss and taking it from us,
Roughtened my mind and stole that smile
Like they would pillage dime.

Lessen my sorrow
And pour my soul
On the wings of tomorrow
As you were meant to do.

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    As you were meant to do.

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