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Don’t taste my blood, it’s poisonous
It’s full of fears and broken fairytales
Don’t touch my lips, they’re frozen of
The poetry of winter mornings…
The smell of tears can’t fade away
The hole in my chest isn’t gone
You’re a tiny ghost of my tiny past
But the pain you had left
has an immense weigh..
Fly..i can’t let you go but I have to..

5 Comentarii

  • Avatar of anothermede anotherme

    So... you think he can fly?...

  • Avatar of FelineHeartde FelineHeart

    Nothing is impossible)

  • Avatar of fenixonude fenixonu


  • Avatar of suride suri

    I like the poem, just one thing is not very clear, how such a tiny past can cause so much pain

  • Avatar of FelineHeartde FelineHeart

    Fenixony, thanks dear)
    suri..thank you... it's not clear, but it's true..

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