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In the hours of the night
When the World is dreaming
Only you and I in Light
of the Moon we waiting.

In the silence we are looking
at this pale light of Stars
and in the shade of our bodies
We are smiling all the time.

Your eyes like pure crystals
shines in your fairy face
And your hands of early winter
touching my flaming heart.

In the lake the swans are leaving
in their little heaven-place
Where they can enjoy this beauty
for an hour, maybe less.

And this picture of the Night
is still in our thoughts
But this World with cruel time
never let Us free again...

If this moment is a Dream
and you are Illusion,
Please My Love, don't let me fall
to wake up in tears.

Let us walk in Neverland
and fly above the mountains,
Where the sky will be the Earth
Just for Us, no others!

Where the sound of our voices
will create in empty space,
Long forgotten Lands of Old,
Place of Wonder, Paradise.

You - My Queen and I - your King
and then through Light of Time
we will see the beauty
of our eternal Lives.

In the sky the Sun is rising
and the Night is fading now...
The Moon is sinking in the water
and birds are waking in the trees.

You will look then in my eyes
in their darkness like the night
and with your voice in the wind
you will whisper:,,It's just a Dream''...

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  • de zaxa

    mi-a placut. bravo!

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