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In the time of sorrow,
In the day of pain,
When my mind is empty of forgotten thoughts,
The Rage come out, from the deepest place of heart,
Where the sin and wish are born,
By desire of human kind.

Where is shelter? Where is peace?
With Hope and Faith I live again,
Like peace of light I am still alive,
Always fighting, without rest?
Why my Soul is so weak?
Is the Light the only power
To be reborn to other life?

If the Shadow is safty way,
And the Light is my pain,
I will follow entire way
To be a part with me again,
To taste the Truth, to know the Right,
To face my fear in the Dark...

There is no Hope for Me,
The place is hidden from my sight,
The place of Grace and Peace.
Shadow become my light,
Who cover the thoughts of Mind
I become the part of time,
Uncontrolled, without mercy.

In dreams I see the Truth,
The words are my shelter
And the silence of my Heart,
Is disturbed, by this fear – Life.

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