Souls from Heaven

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When the sky was silver
And the stars bright,
We fell from Heaven-
Souls of Eternal Light!

With the sorrow and sadness,
We walked in the shade,
The Grace was forgotten,
The Heaven is Lost…

The Wings of Light?!
Now - Curse of Time!
The Crown of Beauty?
And Eternal Life?
No more then a memory,
In Our Mortal Mind…
But once were blessed,
With the Image of Gods!

The thoughts of hate in Our Deeds!
The feel of shame in Our Hearts!
So We taste the thirst for Blood…
The Pain…, the Fear…,
And the Face of Death…

Every day We Rise again,
With the Hope to be the End,
But in vain Our Faith!
For enslaved We are by Time,
In it’s hand- The Past, the Future and Now…

In Dreams of Night,
The Blink of moment in Our Eyes,
The Place of Freedom and Light,
The Way to Pure Love…

An wicked thought…
Then Fall… and Now,
The Wish to Die,
Is always in Our Minds!

The Words of Wisdom,
Whisper often from the Sky:
,,It is Time! It is Time!
To come back to Light!”

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