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His eyes is red like burning fire
With the rage of many beasts.
His wrath can not be stopped,
His vengeance has no mercy.
In the night he is a Ghost,
In the day a Warlord.

Living curse for enemy,
But for me- The Shield of Gods!
Who defend my soul,
With his mighty arms.

In His hands the deadly blades,
And the fate of all,
The sharp light of their strike,
Destroy the foes of war.

Who can stay in His way?!
And who is worth to challenge Him?
No one! No one can escape,
From the death of Giant!

His Chest like dragon scale
Protects from deadly strikes,
His ancient Helm of Giants
Bring fear in braves hearts.
The earth tremble! The mountain shake!
The Heaven coming!
When His voice cry for help!.

No mortal tongue can tell,
All the deeds of Mighty One,
The Book of Time is open now,
For The GIANT-
To become alive!

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    Ai niste dezacorduri. Suna rockish :)

  • Avatar of FelineHeartde FelineHeart


  • Avatar of Foameade Foamea

    "His eyes is red " - facepalm...
    tu învățat english?

  • Avatar of Estedelde Estedel

    O învăț), but in the realm of creation such mistakes are accepted) - errare humanum est. Thanks for showing my mistakes...Cheers!

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