"I love you..."

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A blessed wind,
Blows upon the universe…
A wind that brings up memories,
A wind that reminds me of you…

When I was dying,
You where there for me
Sacrificing yourself,
Saving my life from the curse
Of eternal darkness,
Of eternal sorrow,
Of eternal madness …

But God knows what you have done,
He knows that by saving my life
You cursed your own…
Sentencing yourself to endless burning,
To endless torment.

I see how the flames are rising
Surrounding you…
Burning you…
I hear how your tears are falling,
And both of our souls crying.
Crying together…

Knowing that she is my life,
She is the reason why I live,
I start to walk into the wild flames
Step by step;
Until I reached her.

I hugged her close to my chest,
Saying:" Don't worry, I am with you…”
While the flames covered us
Burning in a soft ensemble of the words:” I love you”

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    you write well in english, beautiful poem

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