The Dark Princess

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The day is gone,
And the night is queen…
All the rush was gone,
Every noise disappeared
And everything stopped;
To watch the dark dance.

Blue stars appeared on the sky,
Thunders started to dance upon the universe
Preparing the world for her coronation,
For her arrival on the eternal lake…

The water started to climb,
Waves started to play the ritual
And into the sacred water,
Appeared a goddess;
Appeared the Dark Princess…

Her silver hair shinned stronger
Than any star on the sky;
Her red colored eyes were stronger
Than any flame into this world;
Her black dress was darker
Than the night.
But her white skin was tender
Like the silk thread;

She started to dance,
Along with the water;
And everything followed her.
Her body moved so gently
That my eyes couldn’t stop watching…

She was the magic into this world,
She was the purity of this universe;

But suddenly everything was slowing
And the Princess was withdrawing…
Step by step…
But I didn’t want to let her go!
I wanted to go with her,
Trying to catch her;

She stopped…

Watching me with her deep red eyes,
She returned; and hugged me
I had a feeling,
A feeling that I was rising…

I knew that I don’t belong to this world
No more;
But I’ve finally found my peace.
With my head on her soft chest,
I fell asleep,
Into a black love;

With the Dark Princess…

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  • Avatar of Estedelde Estedel

    Wow, epic fantasy. Acest poem mi-a amintit de o scenă fantastică din cartea ,,Silmarillion” de J.R.R. Tolkien, unde un personaj cu numele Beren o întîlnește întîmplător pe Luthien, într-o poiană din pădurile Doriath-ului. Frumos, într-un stil ,,ancient-fantasy”. Succes în continuare!

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