I Am Mine.

Thank you for opening my eyes
Thank you for giving me a reason to live
Just to kill all my memories with you,
Whimpering in despair no more.

I loved all the times when I dragged you
Down with me
Back in the abyss
Dieing with me.

Would you die with me for real? should be
My question to you
Of course I would just
Leave you alone in the dark, just like you left me.

“Listen your heart”, they say
Then I no longer have a heart.
It died with you long time ago,
With your demoniality in your veins.

Surrounded with sorrow I will no longer be,
Back in despair, back in black.
No, thank you for all the good memories,
I tell them goodbye as I tell you
I am mine!

My mind is no longer bound to your fate
My heart no longer beats for you.
Our world shattered, so the ‘us’ in it.
I tell you one more time,
I am mine!
And I shall not let my gaze down on you
Another time.

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